Signs of Spring: Bluebirds

This morning a small group of bluebirds came through the property. It’s always exciting to see these cheerful little birds.  Bluebirds represent and remind me of truth and happiness.  I’m sure my 7th grade English teacher Mrs. Evelyn Gott would be surprised that one of her students is still inspired by the little book “The Bluebird of Happiness”.  Unfortunately it is no longer in print, but we found one that looks equally memorable.  “The Bluebird of Happiness: A Little Book of Cheer” by Vicki Howard is a collection of vintage postcards and quotes that are sure to get you in the mood for Spring.

The Virginia Bluebird Society reports that in 2008 over 1000 bluebird babies successfully fledged from 33 bluebird trails in Albermarle County!  I used to monitor a bluebird trail on a golf course in Montgomery County Maryland.  The most wonderful sight was to see fledglings up in a tree. There were so many enemies on that bluebird trail: snakes, raccoons, house sparrows. Many eggs, infants and even adults just didn’t make it.

I’m wondering: Could I have several bluebird boxes successfully on our property?  We don’t seem to have raccoons or snakes but I wonder about house sparrows from the nearby Piedmont Store, and also the energetic little house wrens that are are present this winter.

Bluebirds are insect eaters so they wouldn’t bother the grapes.



One Response to “Signs of Spring: Bluebirds”

  1. Betsy S. Says:

    It sounds like bluebirds would be perfect for a vineyard! Good luck, they are so fun to watch.

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