Spring Soil Adjustments in the Vineyard

…And the farm work begins!

We took advantage of the beautiful weather last week to start making some soil adjustments to the old vineyard.  In the country this obviously includes enlisting the help of every neighbor within in a 5-10 mile radius. Fortunately we were able to borrow enough equipment and manpower to get the job done.  A special thanks to MVP Neighbors of the Month Jack Clark and Harold Sipe for all their hard work!

The first step was to plow the field, turning over all the grass from the alleys between the old vineyard rows.  This also cut up most of the vines and roots still embedded in the soil which could infect the new vines and lead to diseases.  Next, we disced it until it was pulverized. Finally, we York raked it smooth and used an automatic seeder to spread Dwarf Essex Rape Seed, which will help suppress nematode populations in the soil.

Our reddish-brown soil is classified as Dyke Silt Loam – a mixture of silt loam, clay, and gravelly clay.  The Web Soil Survey is a great online resource to look up your own soil, or to research possible vineyard locations.



2 Responses to “Spring Soil Adjustments in the Vineyard”

  1. Karen Carey Says:

    Rachel, we can’t wait until next year to taste the fruits of you and your family’s new endeavors! Whatever the Stinsons do, it is always the best in the business! Would love to hear how your life is going after your move from The Big Apple! Hope to visit once Stevie takes off to college this Fall. The Careys

  2. Mary Moore Says:

    This is wonderful! I get to follow along on your adventure with the Stinson Vineyards world…

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