More Cowbell

When we’re not drinking wine here at Stinson Vineyards, our beverage of choice happens to be milk. That’s because we are the proud owners of a Jersey milking cow named Amelia!

Meet Amelia.

Moooo. Amelia likes to eat.

She also likes to stand around in pastures looking pretty.

And, she loves to give us the delicious, creamy milk that Jerseys are notorious for. We make butter. Cheese. Yogurt. And lots and lots of ice cream.

My favorite milk recipe right now is Fromage Blanc. It is seriously easy to make, versatile, and you can flavor it a gazillion different ways. Eat it with everything! I promise it’s good.

Fromage Blanc:

Heat a gallon of milk to 86 degrees F. Add Fromage Blanc starter*, and mix thoroughly. Cover with a clean dish towel and let sit out at room temperature for 12 hours. Ladle curd into a colander lined with butter muslin and drain for 12 hours, or until it is the consistency you want.

*We get our starter from Fifth Season in Charlottesville, but you can also find it online at

We’ve made it with walnuts and honey, and a variety of different fresh garden herbs. Spread on toast or crackers, mix in pasta or dip some veggies. Also, this freezes well.

Did I mention that she likes to eat?

Check back with us, because we are in the process of increasing the herd!



2 Responses to “More Cowbell”

  1. Isa Says:

    incredible, I’ve been starting to make fromage blanc at home for two months now with organic milk which provide from a mountain farm in “les Vosges”: unfortunitely, i don’t have any nice cow but some rabbits to take care! I sure we’ll have a lot of receipes to exange in july! Nice family and happy too with Amelia…

  2. Beate Casati Says:

    What a sweet post!

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