A Taste of Bluegrass in the Blue Ridge Mountains

It’s official: Grit City Grass + Gryffon’s Aerie pork BBQ + Stinson Wine = FUN!!!!!!!

The sky was blue, the band was amazing, and the food was delish as usual thanks to our grillmaster friend Collins Huff. We highly recommended a very cold bottle of our Rose, which pairs perfectly with pork and also sweat nasty weather. That and the Sugar Hollow White were the best sellers of the day! Yum! Thanks to everyone who came out, we certainly enjoyed having you!




Above: Where pork goes to turn into magic


Above: Our canine friends of the day

Oh, you didn’t know that dogs like Bluegrass? They like pork too, obviously. Not only does Stinson Vineyards welcome dogs, we love them!



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2 Responses to “A Taste of Bluegrass in the Blue Ridge Mountains”

  1. isa Says:

    we miss all of you, blue grass, rosé and blue ridge mountains!
    enjoy all this wonderfull time of joy.
    Isa and laurent

  2. stinsonvineyards Says:

    thanks isa and laurent, we miss you too! and not just because there’s no one to open the doors…

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