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Grapes Grapes Grapes

October 18, 2011

This years vintage has brought us all kinds of fruit – the good, the bad, and the ugly.  One things for sure, we’re up to our ears in GRAPES.. and with the end in sight we’re looking forward to having everything in juice form asap! If you still haven’t gotten enough, here’s some grape porn for your viewing pleasure.

Etheral Sauvignon Blanc from Muse Vineyards

Pressing Chardonnay with Basket Press at Ankida Ridge Vineyards 

THE EGG finally gets its fill of Sauv Blanc

Merlot grapes from Mount Juliet Vineyards

Destemming Grapes..



Putting the Vineyard in “Stinson Vineyards”

May 12, 2011

2nd-leaf Petit Manseng vines with new vineyard in background.

Our newbie grapes arrived from California early in April, dormant and asleep.  Because a big storm was expected on April 16th, our planter Carl Tinder planned to get in as many dormant plants as possible before the rain.  But when we opened the first box of Sauvignon Blanc Musqué we had a big surprise – they were in pots!  This meant they were live plants and much fragile than the dormant ones.  They’d have to plant them right away.  We were grateful for the threat of rain or we might have left these fragile plants in the box for days, thinking they were dormant.

Musqué is a mutated variety of a regular clone that generally indicates it is highly aromatic.  We’ll be mixing the Sauvignon Blanc Musqué in with our regular Sauv Blanc grapes to make a delicious, signature blend.  And of course fermenting it in our 2700 lb baby, the Nomblot Concrete Egg.


Protecting the newbies with milk cartons; Flagging holes for vines.

The other varieties we planted are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, and more Petit Manseng.  One nursery sent 50 “mystery grapes” by mistake – unlabeled and unaccounted for vines.  We planted them in pots and once we figure out what they are they’ll be available for purchase in our Tasting Room, just in case you want to give small scale viticulture a try!


A Good Year at Stinson Vineyards

January 5, 2011

The Winery: barrel racks and our tiny press, aka “R2D2”

Happy New Years from Stinson Vineyards!  We’re looking back on 2010 and have to admit – its been a pretty good year for us.  Between planting our first grapes and surviving our first harvest we’re starting to see everything take shape.  With the wines beginning to stabilize, we’re focusing on the next phase of our project: bottling and labeling the wines, planting 2200 vines in the spring, and of course opening the Tasting Room in June!

In the meantime, heres a look back at 2010:

Before pictures: the original garage structure

We never get tired of looking at the before pictures of our Garage Winery! Here’s a few from when it was still more “garage” than “winery”.  Its hard to imagine that these were taken just a few months before grapes started to arrive – the new floor is poured and the trench drain is in, but that’s about it.


Stinson Vineyards Featured in C-VILLE

October 19, 2010

Photo © Chris Scott for C-VILLE

We’re very excited to be featured in this week’s edition of C-VILLE! Check out Cathy Harding’s Working Pour column for a profile on Scott Stinson and the historic Piedmont House at Stinson Vineyards.

Attack of the Grape Berry Moth

July 27, 2010

Drawing: “Scientific American Supplement” via

July is the perfect time of year to learn about grape diseases and pests!  Luckily for us our old grapevines are full of them.. Our latest arch-nemesis is the dreaded Grape Berry Moth.  These insects are a light brown, slightly purplish color.  They look harmless enough, but actually cause a potentially devastating berry shrivel and rot.

Two of our clusters affected by Grape Berry Moth

The Grape Berry Moth can cycle through several generations in one season, which makes control extra tricky. (more…)