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Grape Juice is Also Fruit of the Vine

November 2, 2011

Grape Jellys for sale in the Tasting Room

The grape – it’s not just for wine.  We have real grape juice for sale from local Chambourcin and Seyval Blanc grapes grown by our neighbors at Oakencroft Farm on Garth Road.  This vineyard used to produce grapes for wines but switched over several years ago to fine grape juice production.  Their challenge is to produce the juice without fermenting the juice!  The grape juice is bottled in beautiful wine bottles.  It’s a real treat and a nice alternative drink for a special dinner in your home or as “un petit cadeau” when you’re a guest.

At Stinson Farms, we’ve been making a limited amount of Grape Jelly out of our winegrapes, including some delicious Tannat from our next door neighbor, Mount Juliet Vineyards.  We are loving Tannat this fall – its one the highest resevatrol grapes so makes us feel extra healthy when we’re eating/drinking it!  Look for our 2011 Dry Tannat as well as a 2011 Tannat Port in a few years.  Its important to barrel age this grape sufficiently as it has very strong tannins.

Tray below the sorting table, full of green berries, seeds, and squished berries

We also have Cabernet Sauvignon Jelly.  Rodney, our “Cellar Rat”, says the Cabernet Sauvignon jam is great on pancakes.  Mourvedre juice is in the refrigerator waiting to clear and then it will be made into jelly. Next I hope to make some from Petit Verdot.


A Taste of Bluegrass in the Blue Ridge Mountains

August 16, 2011

It’s official: Grit City Grass + Gryffon’s Aerie pork BBQ + Stinson Wine = FUN!!!!!!!

The sky was blue, the band was amazing, and the food was delish as usual thanks to our grillmaster friend Collins Huff. We highly recommended a very cold bottle of our Rose, which pairs perfectly with pork and also sweat nasty weather. That and the Sugar Hollow White were the best sellers of the day! Yum! Thanks to everyone who came out, we certainly enjoyed having you!